Jolly Rancher Filled Candy Lollipops,15g Assorted Flavors, 100 Count

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Brand: Jolly Rancher American
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JOLLY RANCHER Filled Candy Lollipops,


 Assorted Flavors, 100 Count  

Product description


JOLLY RANCHER Fruit Chew Center Lollipops are a bold twist on the classic candy that has delighted people for more than 50 years. Enjoy an intense, chewy center with bold fruit flavors like pink lemonade, cherry, apple and watermelon. These candies are the perfect snack for the office, home, or on the go. JOLLY RANCHER Fruit Chew Center Lollipops are individually wrapped, and great for filling candy bowls or sharing with friends. Contains only 60 calories per serving size. This delicious candy has 0 grams of fat and is cholesterol-free. This product ships as a 3.5-pound box. Crunchy outside and a chewy gooey centre, this lolly is certain to pop you into a good mood. You will be randomly selected one of the following flavour combinations, Watermelon + Green Apple, Cherry + Grape, Green Apple + Cherry, Grape + Watermelon. I think you’ll agree, they all sound amazing.

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