Gunna Drinks Pink Punk Cans 24x330ml

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Brand: Gunna Drinks: Soft Drinks
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Gunna Drinks Pink Punk Cans 24x330ml Gunna Pink Punk Cans are made with natural raspberry and lemon flavour. This comes as a 24 pack and is inspired by a virgin cocktail called the "Shirley Temple".   

Product description

This tantalisingly tongue tempter was inspired by a virgin cocktail called the 'Shirley Temple' originally created for the precocious child movie star of the same name. Intensely refreshing lemon and raspberry flavours combine to punk up your taste buds, leaving you seriously refreshed.   

Legal Disclaimer
This enchanting little thirst slayer was originally created by Cape Town's steel workers who mixed cola tonic with ginger beer and bitters to create this delicious recipe. It was the perfect way to extinguish their thirst after a hot day in a very very hot place.  

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