Pepsi Blue Soda 330ml Can (Case Of 24)

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Brand: American Soda & Drinks
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Pepsi BLUE SODA  330ml Can (Case of 24)
  • 24 * 330ml Cans
  • All the way from Indonesia
  • Best Served Chilled

Welcome back Pepsi Blue! Since it was first introduced in 2002, the unique and eye catching Pepsi Blue has been a rare find. Bright blue in colour and berry flavoured, the taste being likened to blueberries or raspberries or even cotton candy, this refreshing soda is a fun way to quench your thirst.

Perfect for surprising your party guests and mixing up a cocktail or mocktail with a difference. This magical blue elixir would brighten up any event. Make sure you don't miss out - you'll feel blue if you do!

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